Business Law Masterclass - Business Law for Effective Business Management

This is a first time-ever launched in Singapore a 4-days Master Class course on Business law for Effective Business Management affecting your business and organization.  A well-managed legal & ethical risk environment will increase your company’s profile.

Ignorance of the law is no defence.  Ignorance of the law is not a privilege.  It is a misfortune.  You do not need to have legal knowledge to attend this course.  This course provides participants with a working knowledge of business laws so that they can conduct their business effectively within the laws and ensure compliance with regulations and applicable laws.  

Participants will benefit from the interactive sessions with the trainer who has written several books on business law including the best seller Contract Law book.  

Business Law Masterclass - Business Law for Effective Business Management

Key Facts

  • Start Date: 3 October 2023
  • Duration: 4 days, 9.30am-4.30pm
  • Delivery Mode:
    • Live Online
  • Fees: 

    S$2312.00* (Incl. of 9% GST)


Businessmen, company directors, business managers, financial controllers, marketing managers & executives, business advisers, bankers, consultants, company secretaries, administrators, credit executives, finance and operation executives and ANYONE interested in Business Laws.

  • Mini presentation
  • Online discussions
  • Trainer’s sharing
  • Q&A
  • Breakout rooms
  • Case study
  • Quiz Exercises

  • Understand the principles of laws affecting your businesses such as company laws & corporate governance
  • Learn how not to infringe intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights, trademarks and service marks and trade secrets and law of confidence
  • Understand business ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Learn contract law compliance such as contract obligations including the Competition Act and the law on sale of goods and product liability laws
  • Achieve interactive learning and practical application from case-presentations and lively discussion of case-studies and quiz exercises to enhance learning experience

Upon successful completion of the Programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by London School of Business and Finance, Executive Education.

Course Outline

◆ Common law system v civil law system
◆ Doctrine of precedents
◆ Case law and statute law
◆ Civil and criminal laws
◆ Court system and hierarchy
◆ Understanding alternative dispute resolution
◆ Mediation & arbitration
◆ Mini trials

◆ Anti-competitive agreements
◆ Abuse of dominant position
◆ Mergers & acquisitions
◆ Interpretation of contractual terms
◆ Managing contracts and termination
◆ Breach of contracts
◆ Liquidated damages and doctrine of penalty
◆ Unliquidated damages & remoteness rule
◆ Rule of mitigation
◆ Terms of contracts
◆ conditions, warranties & complex / innominate terms
◆ Express and implied terms
◆ Managing contract dispute resolution procedures
◆ Exercises to do and quiz

◆ Protecting your business ideas and inventions
◆ Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and service marks
◆ Managing trade secrets and law of confidence
◆ Background IP rights
◆ Foreground IP rights
◆ Infringement of IP rights
◆ Quiz session

◆ Directors’ duties & liabilities
◆ Corporate governance
◆ The good, bad & ugly case-studies

◆ Outsourcing contracts
◆ The 5 essentials of solid SLA
◆ The 6 ways to fail your SLA
◆ What SLA should cover
◆ Negotiating good SLA with important criteria to meet
◆ The 5 steps of breakthrough stages of negotiations
◆ Performance goals & measurement
◆ Key performance indicator (KPI)
◆ Performance monitoring, tracking & reporting
◆ Service credits, charges & penalties
◆ Managing related parties – vendor / supplier / customer

◆ Managing extension of time (EOT) and delays
◆ Renewals & best practice on notices
◆ Variations to existing contract
◆ Reviewing contract specifications & matching with performance
◆ Contract review & meetings
◆ Managing contract documentation
◆ Improving contract management in post Covod-19: Beyond Force
◆ Majeure

◆ Negligence
◆ Employer’s liability
◆ Vicarious liability
◆ Occupier’s liability & dangerous premises
◆ Product liability
◆ Defective products
◆ Inducing breach of contract
◆ Contract restraining work elsewhere
◆ Tort of passing off
◆ Workplace harassment
◆ Quiz session

◆ Negligence
◆ Satisfactory goods under Sale of Goods law
◆ Fitness for purpose
◆ Sale by description
◆ Sellers’ & buyers’ remedies available for breach of contract
◆ Quiz session

◆ Letter of demand
◆ Writ of seizure and sale
◆ Bankruptcy and winding-up
◆ Company receivership
◆ Judicial management of companies

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