Industrial attachments are a good way to understand first-hand the demands of the industry. It exposes oneself to working life in the host country, and also adds to one’s perspective outside of the theories and learning done in the classroom.

Singapore, as a hub of the region, is an ideal choice in preparing students for the workplace. Pick up memorable work experience through Industrial attachments here. It is a valuable part of one’s resume, especially as an international student, to be exposed to a foreign work culture of quality standard, and to prepare oneself for work life after graduation.

What are the advantages of Industrial Attachment Prorgrammes?

  • Allows learners to gain industry experience and acquire industry-relevant and workplace skill sets.
  • Fosters closer relationship between industry and the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF).


  • Learners in the following academic programme(s):

Note: * internship Attachment Programme deployment is not guaranteed and will be subjected to the approval of relevant passes by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). No further internship arrangements will be arranged if a learner withdraws or is terminated from the internship company. internship deployment will be arranged for eligible learners. Learners who are not secured with an internship will be offered an alternative plan by the LSBF such as completing a Research Project.

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