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LSBF Singapore's Dedication to Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity: Nurturing a Global Learning Environment

Did you know that exposure to cultural diversity can help you have a successful career and business? A study by Harvard Business Review (HBR) found that companies with culturally diverse workforces are 35% more likely to outperform their peers financially!

Why is Singapore good for international students?

Coming to a decision about your studies can be quite overwhelming. Based on the current scenario, the enrolment and settlement fees for studying at an international college are sky-rocketing. To help you make the right decision about where to study, you should consider which school you’re going to get the best return on investment at. Singapore is fast emerging as a preferred global education hub, as it continues to showcase world-class education, affordable tuition fees, and internationally acclaimed colleges. The Singaporean government’s total expenditure on education in the past decade reached close to 13 billion Singaporean dollars. The main purpose behind this was to build a highly diversified, skilled, and educated workforce to support the economy. Let’s jump right into the reasons why this rich and advanced island nation, the Lion City, should be on your radar as a study abroad destination.

5 Tips to Study Effectively at Home During Quarantine

While the pandemic has been disruptive for the daily routine of millions, students have been especially affected with their studies interrupted

LSBF Singapore COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

To keep our students, staff and guests safe, we seek your cooperation as we take the following precautionary measures…

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Student Life in Singapore

When you think about studying abroad, one normally places a lot more emphasis on the ‘abroad’ part rather than the…

A Student’s Academic Journey Starts with the Registrar’s Office

From the point of registration to graduation, the RO aims to ensure that a student’s academic journey is as smooth-sailing…

An International Student’s Guide to Living in Singapore

Singapore’s first-rate infrastructure, extensive transport system, and high-quality education system contribute to her status as one of Asia’s most liveable…

3 Reasons Singapore is a Great Place to Study English

There is nothing restricting adults in wanting to put another language in their arsenal…

What To Do When Your Results Aren’t As Expected

Do you know that the renowned Albert Einstein failed his entrance examination to the Federal Institute of Technology?…

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