Withdrawal, Transfer & Refunds

Students are recruited onto appropriate courses, according to their needs, desires and mindful of their chances of success. Where possible, through further counseling, the student will be offered the opportunity to transfer to another more suitable course. If transfer is not feasible or desirable, the student may withdraw from the course.

Withdrawal Transfer Refunds

London School of Business & Finance shall manage a student request for a course transfer or withdrawal in a fair and mutually acceptable manner and communicate the Transfer and Withdrawal policy to all students via:

  • Admissions counselling procedures
  • Application form, completed and signed by the student
  • Student Orientation
  • Student Handbook
  • Notice Board

London School of Business & Finance will regularly review and update the Transfer/Withdrawal policy to ensure that it remains fair to students and compliant with local law and best practice. This policy should be read in conjunction with the London School of Business & Finance Refund Policy.


  • All requests for withdrawal is made in writing using FRM-022 Request for Course Withdrawal or FRM-022A Request for Withdrawal of Paper(s) Form.
  • The student is requested to complete the FRM-029 Request for Refund (Special Cases) Form if his refund request is non-withdrawal related.
  • All requests for transfers must be made by in writing by completing the FRM-023 – Request for Transfer Form by the students requesting for the transfer.

Late Payment of Fees

A late payment of S$54 per day (including of prevailing GST) will be imposed for course fees received later than 7 days after the due date stated on the student contract. London School of Business & Finance reserves the right to cancel the Student's Pass of a student who has not made payment 15 days after the due date.

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