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Roy Goh

1. Why am I the best?

PM. I have been teaching cost accounting and performance management since January 2000 and have a wealth of experience to share with you such as the key words to look out for, the way to understand the subject and most importantly the way to answer. Either you gain exam experience by going to the exam many times or you listen to the exam techniques that I have to share with you.

APM. Students have attended my APM classes and pass at the first attempt with practice and effort. The key to passing APM is to focus on the case scenario and I will be able to show you the key areas to the requirements to write a good answer. In my classes, we focus on knowledge and more importantly, the application to exam questions. I have been teaching APM since July 2007 and is able to share my wealth of experience and techniques with you.

FR. I am a Chartered Accountant (CA) and was an auditor who have been teaching accounting since January 2000. With such rich experience, I can share with you the focus of all examinable accounting standards in a summarised and efficient manner. Although each accounting standard is lengthy and complex, I am capable to explain in a concise and practical manner to help you pass the exam.

SBR. As a Chartered Accountant and a previous auditor who have also been teaching accounting since January 2000, I am able to explain in a simple manner complex accounting treatments such as financial instruments and hedge accounting and you will be surprised how easy it is to answer. The same goes for accounting for leases and consolidation of complex groups. If you understand what key words to look out for in an exam, you will find SBR a manageable paper.

2. Unique teaching methodology

I always believe in first acquiring knowledge of the subject and then application of that knowledge to past year exam questions. Hence, in my classes, we always learn from the latest ACCA syllabus, which changes very frequently, and then we practice on past year questions with highlights to the key areas. The case scenario in the exam may be lengthy, it is important to pick up the subtle hints found in the case and use it in answering. With computer-based exams, there are useful exam techniques that I can show you. Finally, I am able to summarise and simplify complex standards and methods to help you in understanding.

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