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What is the best time for studying—day or night?

Whether you are currently pursuing a course or have recently graduated, having good study habits can always help you make the most of your studies. Study schedules are personal and different students find different times to be conducive to their productivity. While some students are night owls, others might find themselves more likely to study effectively during the early morning hours. It might take some time and patience to find out the best time for your studying, but it is worth the time. Finding out the best time to study can enhance your productivity and performance. Read ahead to find out different study timings and their benefits.

Top tips from a first-placing champ

Want to know the secret to becoming an ACCA Prize Winner? Soh Sheng Long, an ACCA Prize Winner who placed first in Singapore for December 2016’s P4 and P7 papers, shares a few tips!

Career Switch at 40 – “It’s Hectic but It’s All Worth It”

Hospitality student and mother of three Ambreen Umar Qureshi demonstrates perfectly that it’s never too late to pursue your true passion.

How to Stand Out in the Business World as a Fresh Grad

Every year, business programmes produce some of the highest graduate numbers in Singapore.…

Helping Asian Students Break Out of Their Shells

Dr. Teo believes that it is necessary for schools to implement classroom strategies to promote more active learning. To this…

How To Survive And Turn Around Even Better During The Economic Downturn

Even if you are not an investor, banker or someone working in finance jobs, economic gloom does have an impact.…

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