LSBF SG Campus’s Executive Education Programmes are designed to equip business and industry professionals with the latest skill requirements in the business world. Developed to give participants a strong foundation of the subject area, participants can take away the insights gleaned from the Executive Education programmes and apply them to their daily work for peak performance.​

Whether you aim to apply them to your current position or to move to another challenge in your career, the LSBF SG Campus Executive Education series will give you the necessary knowledge to make your aspirations a reality.

Our Executive Education programmes

Upcoming Executive Programmes

Specially tailored for executives in Asia


Event Date Topic
25 April 2024 Neuro-Marketing: Secrets To Tap Into Your Customer's Buying Brain
17 May 2024 Enhancing Customer Experience & Achieving Customer Retention for Success
12 June 2024 Negotiation Strategies for Professionals
25 July 2024 Navigating Communication for Positive Work Relationship
14 August 2024 From Difficult Conversations to Successful Collaborations
19 September 2024 Becoming a Person of Influence
17 October 2024 Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers
15 November 2024 Talent management for non-HR Manager
12 December 2024 Creative Thinking & Problem Solving


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