Support & Resource​s

Students at our Singapore institution, will enjoy access to a number of support facilities and resources.​

Support Resources

HD Videos recorded by our Star Tutors​

A series of online videos will be recorded by our local tutors in order to fully support our students. This will provide the option of studying at your own time and pace as students may watch them as many times as they wish for greater understanding and retention of key concepts.​​

Mock Examinations​

To ensure exam success, and to enable students to track their progress, two Mock Examinations, allowing the students to test themselves and better prepare for their ACCA Examinations.

Never Miss a Note™​

ACCA Examinations are exceptionally difficult, and students will need all the support they can get to confidently pass their examination. London School of Business & Finance is proud to offer students with a wide array of resources to make sure students never miss a note, and always have all the resources they need through the duration of their students.​

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