More ACCA prize winners are created year on year at LSBF Singapore

Congratulations, Prize Winners!

We’re Proud of You!


Our Top prize winners made us proud of their stellar ACCA exam results in the December 2018 siting.

LSBF Student ACCA paper Placement in Singapore
Soumya Jose AA 3rd
Neoh Mun Yew AAA 2nd
Zhang Tirong AFM 1st
He Weiliang AFM 1st
Cheong Wei Jie AFM 1st
Cai Xiqing APM 1st
Uma Nandan Jayaratnam ATX 1st
Enelton Satria ATX 2nd
Lee Yong Xin Ivan ATX 3rd
Soumya Jose FM 2nd
Xy Wanyi PM 1st
Zhang Zhen SBL 2nd
Yu Jiawen SBR 1st
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