Authentic Local Dishes

To experience a culinary journey across the island to taste the best authentic food in Singapore, the following items are some popular local dishes you must try: Bak Kut Teh, kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs,  Chilli crab, laksa, oyster omelet, stingray, satay, and many more.

Hawker Centres

If you are not a fan of cooking, then let someone else do the cooking for you at the local hawker stands or small local restaurants for under $5 a meal! 

There are hundreds of food courts with thousands of food stalls in Singapore that you shouldn’t miss. We have selected the most worth trying hawker centres for you to eat like a local while staying in the ‘Lion City’:

  1. Chinatown Complex Food Centre
  2. Maxwell Food Centre
  3. Tiong Bahru Food Centre
  4. Old Airport Food Centre
  5. Amoy Street Food Centre
  6. Chomp Chomp Food Centre
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