Loh Hai Kian

Lecturer (Part-time), SATD

Loh Hai Kian

Loh Hai Kian has a Master of Science in Software Engineering from the Andrews University (USA) and Bachelor of Science in Information System and Computing from the University of London (UK). Mr Loh has been teaching tertiary-level (University of Portsmouth, UK and Oxford Brookes University, UK) International students (both part-time working adults and full-time students) in Information Communication Technology for the past 26 years.

Some of his proudest student graduates went on to : Tencent, Chengdu, China (Yu Chen, Game Developer), Electronic Arts, Dubai (Iyer Ashwin, Game Developer), University of Utah, US (Bo Sung Kim) and Savannah State University, US (Gong Zheen). He had experienced teaching 100 Nigerian students (from Riverstate and Jigawa) from Diploma to the UK Degree program.

Mr Loh holds the Program Leadership for Gaming and Animation Technologies for more than 10 years. His work involved Open House talks (for student recruitment), develop new curriculum for the latest hardware and software technologies, instruct and supervise student exciting projects. Some projects involved external agencies such as Heartbeat @ Bedok ActiveSG Sport Centre, Singapore's Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), 3D-tronic Zenitant. Mr Loh’s current interests include Mobile App Development and Publishing (in Google App Playstore) and E-commerce Solutions (via Google technologies) with 3D interactive environments.

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