Weekly General English

Whether you are at elementary, intermediate, or even advanced level, our Weekly General English classes will provide different courses to develop your speaking fluency and improved grammar at the respective levels through free conversation practice and guided course literature. The communicative approach is integrated with task based learning.

Weekly General English

Key facts

  • Duration: 1 week, 25 hours in total. 
  • Intake dates: According to timetable
  • Delivery Mode:
    • Live Online
    • Blended
  • Fees: SGD $545.00 (1 week, 5hrs/day) (Price inclusive of GST)

At the end of the course, participants at the different levels are able to:

  • Converse with greater confidence and ability
  • Communicate orally with greater success.
  • Understand and improve pronunciation issues
  • Recognize and use different conversational devices
  • Use functional language in a variety of contexts

If you would like to improve your English grammar and expand your vocabulary, the General English course is an excellent option. It gives you the opportunity to learn the language according to your level and individual needs.

The Weekly General English module encompasses the study of listening, speaking, and reading skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary. It aims to place participants at an adequate proficiency threshold to begin receiving instruction in more complex language skills (i.e. Social, Business and Academic English skills).

The Communication Skills module is designed to complement the Foundation English module, and to further develop participants’ speaking skills, along with their pronunciation and discourse competencies. Its main objective is to develop participants’ confidence in using the target language for daily communication and academic work.

Skills Focus


  • A large part of the classes will focus on communicative teaching. Participants will be expected to participate in conversations with a partner or as part of a group. Participants will learn a variety of functional language to assist them with everyday conversation. Speaking will also focus on pronunciation, fluency and accuracy.


  • Listening skills will be developed through the use of authentic material from CDs and the internet. Participants will be able to practise listening to different accents, develop and adopt different techniques to aid comprehension.


  • Reading skills development will focus on improving reading speed, understanding larger texts on a variety of subjects, identifying different styles of text.


  • A variety of functional language will be learnt to help and support participants with everyday conversations and situations.


  • Participants will develop their pronunciation of individual sounds, intonation, rhythm and stress.

Upon completion of the weekly course, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance awarded by LSBF.

Students will obtain Certificate of Attendance awarded by London School of Business & Finance upon completion of the course.

These courses are ideal preparation for participants who require a broad training on the English language and who may wish to specialise later in our specifically Academic or Business-focused classes.

International participants are subjected to rules and regulations stipulated by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

1 teacher : 25 students

Participants will undergo a pre-course qualifying test (English Placement Test) to qualify for a place. During registration participants will be interviewed by a faculty member or Subject Matter Expert to be streamed into an appropriate level (elementary/intermediate/upper intermediate/advanced) in order for the participant to meet their learning objectives.

Minimum Age: 14 years old

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