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Domnic Danaraj Peter

With more than 20 years experience in delivering lecturers on various modules and qualifications, you can be assured that your experience in participating in SBL modules will be one that you will appreciate and can be the key reason for you to do well in your exams.

Prior to SBL, I have been intensely involved in delivering various modules in ACCA. I have travelled extensively to deliver my lectures in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Uganda and of course here in Singapore.

The diversity of markets have exposed me to various teaching styles. There are many accolades of my teaching ability which I must say when the right people come together then the outcome is sweet success.

If you have the passion to excel, let me and LSBF co-author your success story. My tagline is “The best of coaches can never win races” but can be instrumental to others winning them. This is true of all tutors.

What do students say about Domnic?

Teo Hui See

1st place in Singapore and 9th worldwide
P3 paper – Business Analysis, June 2012 Exam Sitting

"I attended Mr Domnic’s revision class and believed that played a key role in helping me to secure my good results."

Taabassum Imam Khan: “I am especially grateful to Dominic for his support and for helping me to place 3rd in Singapore. Honestly it was a pleasant surprise!”

Edward Tan KP: “Mr Domnic is approachable, despite his reputable educational background and strong regional teaching experience. He always provides precise and real-life examples to illustrate the topics he teaches”

Ponna Viswanathan: “Mr Domnic is a Guru, who has all the good qualities of a teacher. He is very inspiring.”

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