Student's Testimonials

Huang Yi Mei

Huang Yi Mei, China

“The MBA at LSBF is very informative, and is very helpful in developing my future career. The lecturers for the MBA have very different teaching styles, and are also friendly, patient and helpful.”

Annapurna Chatterjee

Annapurna Chatterjee, India

"I am looking to build a career in investment banking and this course, although it is [about] finance, covers a lot of the topics that I do require to have knowledge in, like asset management, mergers and acquisitions. These are things I was introduced to in undergraduate studies, definitely the master's in finance helped me develop my knowledge further and I feel better prepared for a brilliant career and hopeful"

Arnaud Koch

Arnaud Koch, France

"What I really like is that you don’t have to have an undergraduate degree in finance, as we start the programme with accounting and financial analysis. we can understand which industry we want to be in. "


Baigali, Mongolia

"Studying English in LSBF has definitely improved my English & prepared me well for my MBA course in English. The tutors have been very helpful. "

Uranzaya Tsogtbayar

Uranzaya Tsogtbayar, Mongolia

"The lecturers are experienced and very knowledgeable about the subject matters but most importantly they are GIVING and CARING. I believe that the warm and engaging environment created by lecturers and staff for the students had a huge impact not only on my studies but on the development of my social skills. Another thing that I must highlight is the positive impact of student club activities, which facilitated my personal growth and development."

Tou Ryo

Tou Ryo, China

"Before coming to LSBF, I couldn’t score above a 5 on the IELTS. After two months in LSBF’s English course, I got a score of 6 and was accepted into my degree programme in the U.S. "

Edward Carter

Edward Carter, Global Program and Strategy Manager at JP Morgan

“The MBA at LSBF offers a comprehensive curriculum that uses real-time business and economic case studies to bring the content to life. It is delivered with enthusiasm by experienced faculty members who do an excellent job of challenging pre-conceptions, encouraging critical thinking and ensuring relevance to present and future careers.”

Sayyed Azhar Anwar

Sayyed Azhar Anwar, India

"The MBA at LSBF has a very good course structure. The academic staff also provided me with lots of help throughout my academic journey."

Aida Nurtazina

Aida Nurtazina, Kazakhstan

"The best part for me is that I can study an American MBA in Asia. Also in the near future, I will be running a business. That is why I will benefit from the scope of the two best market economies in the world."

Anna Shvabskaia

Anna Shvabskaia, Russia

"I would like to say big thanks to LSBF team for such a wonderful experience." "During my education I got a lot of practical knowledge which I can transfer to my management position."

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