Text it

Text it

Another great way to keep practising your English outside of the classroom is to set an English keyboard on your WhatsApp or SMS. To start off you can insert English words that you know into your texts to your friends and family.

When you learn more words, start texting in simple sentence structures. Texting is a great way to practise your conversations in English. Simple words we use in everyday talking will be repeated and finally you will be more comfortable using them in your speaking. You can even set up a WhatsApp group with your classmates or your friends/family who are learning English too, it will be a great way for the both of you to practise.

Try to have some simple everyday conversations and make sure to only use English. This may sound too simple but a little goes a long way when you are first starting out on your English language path. Always keep the simple things in mind when you are learning a language and don’t forget to practise every day. That’s it for today and remember to TEXT IT!

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