3 Reasons to Choose an American MBA Programme

3 Reasons to Choose an American MBA Programme

Home to giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google, the United States (U.S.) boasts the largest economy in the world. Due to the country’s economic freedom, businesses and institutions are able to inject significant investment into areas such as science, innovation and research.

This is why when it comes to education, very few regions can rival the quality and opportunities that the U.S. brings.

If you’re looking to pursue higher education, an American-accredited programme might be a good place to start. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular qualifications in the U.S., with nearly 1,600 more MBAs being conferred in 2015-16 than 2014-15. So, why are American MBAs so highly sought-after?         

Pragmatic Curriculum

American MBA programmes place strong emphasis on putting principles and theories into practice. These programmes typically require students to formulate business strategies and plans from analysing real-world case studies and business scenarios.

For instance, the Financial Management module in Concordia University Chicago’s (CUC) MBA programme teaches students how to analyse and evaluate financial policy decisions based on recent case studies from around the world. Such pragmatic techniques can prime students in applying their practical knowledge in future real-world business situations.

Transferable Skills

While one can expect every MBA programme to focus on key concepts such as leadership and management, some American MBA programmes set themselves apart with a unique pedagogy.

The CUC-MBA programme is moulded from “four pillars of knowledge”, which are namely ethics and social responsibility, critical thinking and entrepreneurial mindset, human relations and communication, and globalisation and inclusivity. These concepts are integrated into the modules to equip students with transferable skills that can be applied across diverse areas of business and enable them to thrive as leaders in today’s global workplace.

Student Diversity

Graduate business schools in the U.S. are known to attract a high number of international students. Upon enrolling into an American MBA programme, one can expect to be immersed in a diverse student body, which breeds opportunities for networking, as well as cultural and knowledge exchange. This makes the classroom experience highly dynamic and reinforces the programme’s philosophy of instilling a global mindset.

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