We Debunk Two Myths about Postgraduate Diplomas

We Debunk Two Myths about Postgraduate Diplomas

Some people might confuse a postgraduate diploma (PGDip) with an advanced diploma or Master’s degree while others may mistake it for a certificate which does not hold much weight.

In truth, a PGDip is unique on its own and a lot more valuable than you think. Here, we debunk the common misconceptions surrounding postgraduate diplomas:

Myth #1: It’s equivalent to an advanced diploma

Not true – you need a Bachelor’s degree to qualify for a PGDip programme.

A PGDip is vocational, with the intention to equip students with specialised skill sets and practical knowledge in a specific field.

Graduate entry:

Undergraduate >> Postgraduate (PGDip) >> Postgraduate (MBA)

With that said, a PGDip is not a Master’s degree, mainly because it does not involve a dissertation paper. But it can be a great springboard to enrolling in a Master’s programme.

This is also useful for people who have been away from a school environment for a long time and need to regain their momentum before progressing to a Master’s programme. Consider this as a foundation course for your future Master’s degree!

Myth #2: It’s a waste of time

On paper, a PGDip may not appear to hold the same “stature” as a Master’s degree. This might lead some people to think that it’s simply a waste of time and jump straight into a Master’s degree.

What they don’t realise is that a PGDip is delivered on the same rigour and standards as a Master’s degree. It also requires the type of higher-level thinking emphasised in all postgraduate programmes.

Master’s degrees may be mandatory for those in academia or law but not necessarily so for professions outside of that. In the corporate world, employers are likely to recognise PGDip graduates as having undergone a vigorous postgraduate education.  

As a PGDip does not require students to engage in intensive research and coursework, it’s also much faster to complete (less than a year) compared to a Master’s degree (up to two years). Generally, a PGDip saves you time and money if you’re only looking to advance your career and not partake in lengthy, in-depth research work in a particular field.

Think a PGDip is for you? Discover what’s in store for you in LSBF’s new PGDip in Business.   

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