In Pursuit of Excellence – Part-time MBA for Working Professionals

In Pursuit of Excellence – Part-time MBA for Working Professionals

Want an MBA but can’t quit your job? Then, a part-time MBA course might be the perfect choice for you.

Unlike a traditional two-year MBA course that may require you to pause your career, a part-time MBA allows you to continue working while pursuing your degree.

Additionally, studying a part-time MBA course increases your demand in the corporate world. How? Because you now have a relevant academic qualification alongside your continuous work experience.

If you are a working professional who wants to pursue an MBA degree, this article is for you.

This blog post will discuss the core advantages of taking a part-time MBA course and how working professionals can benefit from it.

What is a part-time MBA for working professionals?

So, what is the difference between a traditional MBA degree and a part-time MBA?

Part-time and full-time MBA courses offer similar qualifications and equip you with the same advanced business knowledge and skills. The only difference is in the pattern of learning and duration.

Part-time MBA is beneficial if you:

  1.   Are a working professional
  2.   Aim to advance your career
  3.   Want to gain in-depth knowledge about the different fields of the management industry and upskill yourself

Benefits of a part-time MBA for working professionals

The curriculum of a part-time MBA course is similar to a regular full-time one. This programme will likely have a flexible study schedule, bite-sized learning, microlearning options, online discussion forums, and weekly meetings.

You can pursue a part-time MBA either online or on-campus.

Below are some of the key highlights of a part-time MBA course for working professionals:


Key Features

Course Type



18 months (part-time)


A bachelor’s degree, work experience

Average Fee

·   Local student tuition fee (USD): $13,045.12

·   International student tuition fee (USD): $13,725.93 (LSBF SG Campus)

Career Opportunities

Entrepreneurship, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Analyst, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Business Development Manager, Business Advisor, HR Manager etc

Average Annual Salary

Around $115,000 (GMAC)

Why you should study a part-time MBA Degree

  • Take control of your education and time: Part-time MBA courses offer huge flexibility in scheduling, course delivery, and curriculum. You can create your own schedule and study at times that best suit you.

Classes are typically held on weekends and outside of regular working hours on weekdays.

  •       Advance your career: You will get the opportunity to develop skills and apply them directly to your job.

Plus, you can assess whether the career growth you expect aligns with the industry’s demand and develop the necessary skills accordingly.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2022 Corporate Recruiters Survey, the average starting salaries are on the rise for MBA graduates. (GMAC)

  • An affordable way to earn your degree:A part-time MBA course for working professionals can be an affordable path to achieve your MBA degree. As a working professional, you can study while earning and pay your fees.


  • Learning experience: The faculty teaching you the programme are usually the same or similar to a regular MBA, so you can expect a similar learning experience.

Types of part-time MBA programmes

Part-time MBA courses have two types in terms of their durations: one-year or two-year MBAs.

In some cases, part-time MBA courses can be divided based on the learning style:

  • Self-paced: This method lets you choose when and how to study at any given point. But it requires strong time management skills and discipline.
  • Lockstep:Follows a fixed curriculum alongside fellow students.

Why is a part-time MBA vital for business professionals?

Setting yourself apart from other skilled professionals is important to succeed in the business management and administration industry.

A part-time MBA course can enhance your career in different ways:

  • Helps you keep up with industry trends: A part-time MBA helps you learn the latest skills and trends in management. If you are from a different industry or looking for career growth in your current job, this degree helps you assess your career path and develop your skills according to industry trends.
  • Allows you to change your field of work: A part-time MBA course gives you a foundation on core business subjects even if you are not initially from the business domain. This can also help you shift your work field into management and business-related roles.
  • Helps develop industry skills:Employers value multitasking skills and commitment to continuous learning. Completing a part-time MBA shows you have strong multitasking skills and are committed to learning and growing.

Part-time MBA or online MBA: Which is right for me?

When deciding on a part-time MBA or online MBA, ask yourself these key questions:

  1.     Are there any specific limitations on your flexibility, accessibility, or convenience?

Both online and part-time MBAs let you decide the pace for programme completion.

  • Part-time MBA: Provides flexibility, accessibility, and convenience. Most part-time programmes are a mix of online, in-person, and hybrid classes.
  • Online MBA: Online MBAs let you tailor the programme to fit your work and lifestyle. You can access lessons whenever and wherever you have internet access.
  1.     What is your learning style?

  • Part-time MBA:Offers structure and accountability, particularly in-person classes where you will follow set schedules. You’ll also get the opportunity for real-time interaction with faculty and peers.
  • Online MBA: Offers a personalised, self-paced approach. You can review materials at your convenience whenever needed.
  1.   How important is networking for you?

  • Part-time MBA:Offers more built-in networking opportunities due to in-person classes, on-campus events, and career fairs and events. A part-time MBA can be a good choice if one of your goals is to expand your network.
  • Online MBA: Networking requires more effort. Many programmes offer team projects and workshops which require you to work as a team with your peers.

How to choose the best part-time MBA course?

To choose the best part-time MBA course, keep in mind the course format, method of teaching, course duration, and cost.

Also, consider the reputation of the institution issuing the certificate. Always ensure that your choice of course aligns with your career goals.

The London School of Business and Finance, in Singapore (LSBF SG Campus) offers part-time MBA course that covers subjects such as:

  •       Global strategy
  •       International marketing
  •       Sustainability
  •       Entrepreneurship, and more.

The programme has been designed by the University of Greenwich and is taught by an experienced faculty. The learning approach combines independent studies, tutorials, workshops, discussions, practice research, and case studies.

You can sign up for the Master of Business Administration course today and elevate your career journey.


This article is written by Serin Thankam Sam and edited by Candice McDowell


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