5 reasons why you should marry an accountant!

5 reasons why you should marry an accountant!

You’ve clicked on this article and proved the priest from Princess Brideright – “Mawwiage is what bwingsustogever today.”

A lot of students, like yourself, get their first taste of love during their time in school.

Would you still be so surprised that your “future partner” is to be an accountant?

Then perhaps you should overlook and put aside the potential stereotypes about a logical, sleep-deprived, excel-sheet minded individual that comes with the job and focus on the perks of marrying an accountant instead.

So here are 5 reasons why you should marry an accountant, see if you agree!

1)Budgeting like it’s no big deal

Your accounting partner is used to seeing large sums of money and information presented to them in a pile of mess. They’re good at managing and organising details, they’re financially responsible, and they’re adept in making wise monetary decisions.

So they can manage the family’s monthly expenses and suggest the best savings practices to improve “life management” while organising the mess of mortgages, bills, and receipts into an eye-pleasing, coherent excel sheet.

Your household’s financial future would be well-planned and well-organised. Sounds boring? Nah, that’s just married life!

2)Your BFF

We all know that a good life partner is also a soulmate and best friend. Accountants score extremely high on that.  From remembering the date of your birthday to keeping secrets, you can count on accountants. 

Some people call it rigidity. But really, accountants are just plain ethical and trustworthy. Not just because every single accountant took a course in ethics before they graduate(that certainly helped) , but the nature of their work made them so. You see, they deal with confidential financial information all the time. Anyone with a propensity to tell secrets will find themselves in jail in no time after being an accountant. If you find one that is not in jail, make sure you keep her.

Need someone to talk to  ? Or simply just had a bad day ? You will be so glad that you chose an accountant who is so attentive to your every needs. Piece of cake to them.  How do you think they manage to balance the impossible balance sheet ?  

3) Efficiency is their middle name

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you and your friends sit around for hours not being able to decide what to eat or do? You'll be hard pressed not to get an accountant. 

Accountants understand what it really means to be “busy”, and have mastered the art of being efficient, whether in work or personal lives. Waste and inefficiency is intolerable. When they ask you out for a date, rest assured that that everything is taken care off. Have your vacations planned by the hour, filled up completely with excitement and not a moment of not-knowing-what-to-do.

4) That money keeps rollin’ in

Despite financial instability in recent years, accounting has still been one of the jobs with the highest demand in the market that pays decently. Why ? every single organization needs an accountant, whether it is a non-profit, SME, government body or a start-up.


Salary.sg estimates the range of income for fresh accounting graduates is around $3,200 to $4,500 per month. Furthermore, the pay curve, as experiences and portfolios build, is steep. Despite the stressful work, the income that your partner earns is more than enough for a comfortable lifestyle with little sprinkles of luxuries.

5) Golden words

Tired of people saying one thing and meaning the other ? Expect no B.S from accountants. They won't be making things up just to get on your good side.  When they say mushy words, they are not being romantic, its because they really mean it. When they buy flowers, you bet that they have budgeted for it.

Straight to the point. No fluff and no B.S. Accountants are a rare find in today's overhyped world bombarded with countless sales messages. CEOs rely on their accountants to build million dollar businesses. You can rely on accountants in building a family.

Only downside ? You can't lie to them, they have been trained to pick up discrepancy at the slightest hint of it. This applies to spotting missing digit in the balance sheet as much as picking up lipstick stain on your shirt. This is especially true of the auditors. If you are a chronic liar , stay away from auditors, unless you want to be exposed like Pinocchio.

Convinced ? Here's a final tip.

There are 2 ways to marry an accountant. Firstly, find someone who is already an accountant and impress them with your knowledge of numbers(make sure you do your homework before). If you find that is too difficult or that all accountants have been taken, that leaves you with the 2nd method which can only work while still in school. Convince your other half to be an accountant. Show them this article and tell them that accountancy is the best thing since sliced bread. There you go ! After a few years, you have an accountant by your side. Anyway, accountancy courses are available at LSBF. Register for it now!

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